Tuesday, November 22, 2005

UFC Divisions

Frank Mir
Tim Sylvia
Gan McGee
Brandon Vera
Mike Kyle?
Brad Imes
Rashad Evans
Keith Jardine
Justin Eiler
Kerry Schall
Tra Telligman

Light heavyweight
Forrest Griffin
Rashad Evans
Sam Hoger
Travis Wiuff
Rashad Evans
Keith Jardine

David Loiseau
Nate Marquardt
Ivan Salaverry
Jeremy Horn
Evan Tanner
Nate Quarry
Robbie Lawler
Chris Leben
Charles McCarthy
Trevor Prangley
Pete Sell
Mike Swick

Karo Parisyan
George St. Pierre
Joe Stevenson
Joe Riggs
Frank Trigg
Matt Serra
Sean Sherk
Sammy Morgan
Nick Thompson

Here is a rough list of the fighters in the various weightclasses for UFC. Some guys are listed in multiple groups as they will probably change classes or can do 2 different ones. They are in order of the champ on top and top contenders below him. I did the best I could on this from the information at hand. Questions marks next to guys means I am not sure if they are fighting anymore or anymore in UFC.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Florian vs Cope

This was a good fight. They say how great the fights are when both guys are well rounded and can compete everywhere and I agree, those are fun too but these striker versus grappler/submission fights are just so tense!

Kit Cope is a topnotch Muay Thai guy who looks big for 170 lbs. and Kenny Florian is a jii-jitsu guy who looks small for 170. Florian looked okay on this feet. I might have given the edge to Cope in striking but it was pretty close. As long as they stood though Kenny was in danger of getting knocked out. Naturally he went for takedowns as soon as he could after establishing himself on his feet just long enough to get Cope into boxing mode then....SHOOT!

It finally got the ground and Florian locked up his foe in an arm bar and got him to tap but after the round ended. On the replay you could see perfectly that it was immediately following the buzzer or bell or whatever it was. No I can't remember what sound they use. That does not mean I am getting old. No! Nooooooo!

Anyway I am not sure if Kenny broke the arm or what but Kit Cope just didn't use it for much afterward and the fight ended directly afterward, rear naked choke with full body control. Good fight for Kenny. Cope looked good too and I would like to see him fight some more. Needs to work on the ground game some and his sprawl. I'd say sprawl primarily because he looked like he could do that a bit better at this point. He's got a future in the sport though.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Diaz vs Sanchez

Unleashed had fights by the two of these guys last night. Diaz continues to evoke mixed feelings in me. He's a shit-talker and I don't think that is good for the sport. Hopefully he will grow out of that. Don't get me wrong, I am a shit-talker too but it has a time and a place and I don't think inside the octagon is either of those things. Probably moreso now that the UFC is trying to go mainstream. His game is a thing of beauty though. I haven't seen much of the grappling yet but it's Gracie Jiu-Jitsu after all. He's a natural boxer by the looks of it and he has some crazy kicks as well. They probably don't do much other than give his opponent something to think about but in the octagon every little bit helps.

Diego looked good and reminded me why he won his weightclass in season one of TUF. He's a master on the ground. He gains position really well, he delivers good strikes on the ground (though he could still use some work in that area) and he has the submissions.

Diaz has the advantage in striking and he seems like he can just about match Diego's groundgame so the natural thing to do would be to keep it standing and I am not sure Diego has good enough takedowns to force the action where he wants it. Nevertheless I expect Diaz to let it go to the ground. He wanted to box with Lawler so I think he'll want to grapple with Sanches, just a hunch. I can't wait to see this fight!


Sanchez won by a desicion, can't remember if it was split or unanimous. This was a heck of a fight in a night filled with very nice ones. Oops hang on. Got to get my son some cereal.

Okay where was I? Oh yeah! Well he likes the Captain Crunch and I go for the Special K vanilla almost, damn that's some good shit. Oh the fight! Oh. Anyway they looked like to pythons fighting out there. I figured it to be a ground fight and it was. Neither could impose themselves on the other one but it was fun to watch. Diego got shot strikes off on the ground but Nick defended well and not a whole lot go through. Both guys were bleeding but Diaz was bleeding much worse. I think Diego later said something about bathing in Nick's blood gave him extra power and that he would't bathe for a week. Or something.

The fight could have gone either way but I think Sanchez got it primarily because he kept taking down his opponent, maybe bloodying him up some too helped. I would expect a rematch in the future and I would expect Diaz to work on his sprawl because on the feet is his very best chance at winning the fight, not that he can't on the ground just that would be nearly equal and come down to execution and not making mistakes. Is that redundant?

I think the fight I want to see now is Joe Stevenson against Diego.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Riggs vs Hughes

Apparently "Diesel" has been thrown in to replace "the Heat". It could still be a decent fight, maybe moreso now. Riggs is bigger and I would say stronger than Hughes which will probably be a first for the champ. I'm thinking this isn't a title shot since Riggs is 185, unless he's gonna drop some. That would be a helluva drop though.

Anyway, Hughes has better technique and is just plain better than Riggs, whether on the ground or on the feet. Riggs has knockout power though so anything could happen. My money would still be on Hughes though, no doubt.

T.U.F. Episode 11

Damn! Rashad done did it again. He sucked the soul right out of poor Keith Jardine. Hahahah. Not really it was a good fight for the most part. Rashad is finally coming out of his shell and asserting himself in fights, though he could still do more. Jardine trains with Diego Sanchez but apparently needs to work on the jiu-jutsu a bit more because he looked helpless on his back. He didn't even look like he had a wrestling background. Hell to be honest I wasn't all that impressed with his standup. He did get some nice shots in so me must have some heavy hands but I think he just wasn't letting his hands and feet fly like he should have. Yes probably worried about a takedown. Hey Keith, work on your sprawl and brawl man. Those takedowns guys are vulnerable when they shoot so you need to let your hands go and when they shoot catch them with a knee. You didn't see the Koscheck/Fuckit....er...Ficket fight?

Anyway, Rashad looked okay standing up and has really quick hands. With some more training in that regard he could be really fun to watch and awful to fight. If these guys end up going down to light heavyweight that will become ( if it isn't already) the best division in UFC.