Sunday, November 15, 2009

UFC 105

I sat down with friends to watch the UFC event last night, not really expecting much of anything since it was free. Still it's always nice to see Randy Couture fight, like Joe rogan, he's my hero. It was a boring fight for the most part with Brandon Vera being game on the stand up portion and defending the take downs pretty well. I personally prefer to see the Randy that fought Tim Sylvia, bobbing and weaving; throwing right hands and then ducking in for the single-leg. This was more vintage wall-and-stall by the Natural who really only needed to avoid the (T)KO to get the win.

Dan Hardy won a good decision against Mike Swick in a fight to decide the next victim of GSP. I like Hardy a lot but that's pretty uninspiring. The UFC needs Jake Shields.

Knockout of the Night had to be the one laid on Roli Delgado by Andre Winner, WOW.

Michael Bisping scored a decent win over a severely slumping, one-time brillian Denis Kang. Yay. I almost put the 'yay' in all lower case just to show how un-enthusiastic it was but the grammarian in me just couldn't allow that. Is grammarian a real word? If not, I call artistic license. Hell, whey didn't I just do the yay in lower case, call that artistic license and be done with it? Too damn easy!

More on this later..........