Monday, December 26, 2005

UFC 57: Liddell vs Couture 3

Liddell vs Couture
This ought to be a war folks. Randy is up here (42 I believe) but still in great shape and is the epitome of a warrior. I find it damn near impossible to take someone over Couture but I just can't bring myself to say Liddell will win. My pick...Couture and believe me I planned on putting Liddell here when I started to type this!

Frank Mir vs Marcio Cruz
I know nothing about Cruz but my money is on Mir.

Babalu vs Van Arsdale
We'll get to see if Babalu has learned enough Ju-Jitsu to hang with the ground and pounders. I'm taking the Brazilian based just by the look i've seen in his eyes. He's got the eye of the tiger and he's hungry to prove himself. I remember seeing Van Arsdale years ago and being very impressed but I don't see him winning this.

Sakara vs Sinosic
Elvis is the better all around guy and he's better on the ground so I am going with him. I'd like to see Sakara win though. Elvis takes it with a submission.

Vera vs Eilers
Vera. He's hungry, calm and cool and well rounded. If he doesn't screw up and get caught by something then he should have this.

Buentello vs Aldana
I'm taking Buentello because I like his two fisted aggression. I hope he can prove that the KO from Arlovski was mostly a fluke.

Monson vs Hinkle
I'm going Monson on this. He's fought some big names, he lost but he was there and that means something.

Diaz vs Riggs
Diaz all the way. This ought to be a slugfest but if it goes to the ground Diaz will finish off Diesel quickly.

My UFC Power Rankings

Okay here are the Following the Flow Power Rankings. The fighters in each class are listed in a rough ranking with comments on the side. I have listed fights I would like to see for some as well. Fights that would showcase the guy's skill or elevate his status in the division generally.


Arlovski - This guy is an animal and looks to be, pound for pound, the best fighter in the UFC. He has sick knockout power, great footwork and pinpoint precision. Oh and according to the UFC website his strength is his grappling.

Frank Mir - Mir needs about one legit victory before he gets a title fight. Then again UFC seems to like bring in guys in and giving them quick title shots. I suppose in this thin division it's probably best though.

Rizzo - He's listed on the UFC website so I guess it's fair to assume he may fight. If so he most likely gets a title shot to start with. Rightfully so. Rizzo/Arlovski 2 would be something to behold

Tim Sylvia - Tim just needs to get back on track. A couple victories and he'll stay a contender, just a bit below the guys in front of him, having lost to Mir and Andrei

Gan McGee - I'm not sure of this guys status as he hasn't fought since '03. The big boys could certainly use another gamer though. A fight against Mir would be interesting. Heck, Sylvia too for that matter.

Brandon Vera - This guy looks good. He has mentioned fighting lighter but this is the best spot I think. He's upper half in this division. Vera vs. Buentello

Mike Kyle - Never seen him fight and I hope he does soon. Seems to be a gamer.

Paul Buentello - Despite the somewhat embarassing effort against Arlovski I like Buentello. I'd like to see him go against Sylvia or Vera.

Jeff Monson - I got nothin'.

Justin Eilers - Eilers has work to do. He's about on par with Telligman though I suspect Tra would beat him.

Tra Telligman - Telligman really won't do more than provide a test for some up and comer.

Brandon Lee Hinkle - I got nothin'.

Rashad Evans - Another guy that talked about going lighter. Heavier would be better.

Keith Jardine - Another guy that talked about going lighter. Heavier would be better.

Kerry Schall - Eh

Brad Imes - He's working with Miletich last I heard so he could very well have a future and the lack of real talent in this division will only help. The Hillbilly Hearthrob might possibly benefit from some preferential treatment because of his popularity, similar to Nate Quarry.

Light heavyweight

Liddell - If Liddell wins there's little chance of another Liddell/Couture so we would se some young bloods seeing action.

Couture - If Randy wins then Liddell/Couture 4 could be around the corner. Though I admit I would have to think about hanging myself.

Tito Ortiz - Wow this really makes things interesting.

Ken Shamrock - Very likely the winner of the Ortiz/Shamrock (my money's Ortiz) fight will get a title shot.

Babalu - Babalu has been making his way up through the ranks and a fight with either Ortiz or Shamrock would be in order. Or maybe loser of Liddel/Couture.

Vitor Belfort I'm not sure what the Brazilian's status is but I would love to see him return to the form he had when he owned Tank Abbott. That was amazing.

Forrest Griffin - Still working his way up. Looks good but anyone above him on this list would be a really big step. Babalu would make the most sense. Shamrock? (ed. note: Damn I was close. It was announced he'll be fighting Ortiz in April '06. That will be the stiff test to see if Griffin has arrived.)

Bonnar - Bonnar against Irvin will be a good fight.

James Irvin - The Sandman loses but doesn't get put to sleep.

Edwin Dewees - Edwin has experience but just hasn't put it all together yet.

Rashad Evans - It will be interesting to see who he fights. Griffin or Bonnar maybe? Maybe too soon.

Sam Hoger - The Alaskan Assassin could fight anyone above him on the list and at least put up a showing. And true to the moniker he can beat anyone if they get a little too careless.

Travis Wiuff - Might want to think about going up to heavyweight where there is more room to breathe

Keith Jardine - Needs a ground game.

Chael Sonnen - No idea


Rich Franklin - I left a few guys off and still this is the deepest division in terms of legit title contenders. Great technique, KO power, intelligence and controlled aggression make this man just dangerous and fun to watch.

David Loiseau - Deserves a title shot or at least a fight to decide number one contender. I'd love to see Loiseau vs Franklin.

Jeremy Horn - I think this guy has the best jiu-jitsu game in the UFC since Royce Gracie. He has a varied striking arsenal but nothing really scary. Since he lacks good handspeed, KO power or footwork he basically has to bide his time and pick at you until he can get you in his world.

Nate Marquardt - I think he will prove to be one of the best in the class. His next fight looks to be against Horn and that sounds great to me. I think Horn is a tough fight for anyone so if Nate wins this one the sky may be the limit.

Phil Baroni - If he's still fighting in UFC then he'll get some hi level fights.

Ivan Salaverry A personal favorite. An assassin like Hoger in that he can fight anyone and have a chance. Salaverry vs Horn would be nice, or Tanner

Evan Tanner - I say Tanner vs. Quarry and lets see if Tanner has enough left in the tank to be a contender again.

Nate Quarry - Or if Quarry is the real deal.

Robbie Lawler - I'd like to see Ruthless back fighting. He's so damn quick. Lawler vs

Chris Leben - Leben is ready for a stiffer test. Salaverry?

Carter - A good test for someone on the upswing but not a contender himself.

Cote - Needs to prove himself again.

Mike Swick - Has a torn MCL so will be out a while but man I can't wait to see him fight again. This guy is quick!


Charles McCarthy

Dave Terrell


Matt Hughes - Like he said I don't see him giving up his belt to nobody and no time soon.

Karo Parisyan - Will Karo get the title shot again, he got injured before the fight last time and GSP is so popular. Regardless Karo needs better striking. He swings wild and lets his aggression carry him on the feet and that kind of glaring weakness will get you beat down one day.

George St. Pierre - GSP is so good everywhere. If Karo does fight Hughes then GSP should fight Penn.

BJ Penn - If Penn can win a fight against one of the top tier fighters he'll get a title shot rather quickly and a Penn/Hughes rematch would be a big draw. If only to see what the reaction would be if he tried to kiss Hughes on the mouth again.

Diego Sanchez - Diego needs a fight against a bigger name guy too. Parisyan or Trigg?

Josh Koscheck - I want Koscheck vs Stevenson!!

Joe Stevenson - ...and the winner gets Diego.

Frank Trigg -Trigg desperately needs a win and some respect. I'd like to see him against Cope or Diaz or some other up and comer.

Nick Diaz - I love this guy's game! He's good on his feet and on the ground and instead of going at his opponents weakness he wants to beat them at their own game. And he is good enough to do it.

Kit Cope - Work on that ground game man. Cope vs Cummo could be something to see.

Luke Cummo Cummo needs a few fights under his belt. I'd like to see him fight a standup guy but Florian would also be a good matchup, two small guys.

Matt Serra - Not sure if "the Terror" still is fighting or what. Hopefully he's working on his standup so he can compete in this already deep division. He's beaten Penn so that good for some cred.

Spencer Fisher - A Militech guy so expect to see the name around. Kingfisher seems to have great technique period. He can strike and he knows submissions. Fisher vs Fickett would be a nice fight.

Drew Fickett - Fickett has a nice record but no 'name' victories other than Koscheck if that can be called such and he was being dominated until that knee landed. Stevenson vs Fickett

Kenny Florian - I'd like to see KenFlo against Diaz.

Joe Riggs -

Sean Sherk -

Nick Thompson -

Melvin Guillard - This guy is EXPLOSIVE. He needs to get some polish on his game but he has amazing upside. I think any guy on this list ahead of him can beat him but with this athleticism he has an outside shot against most of them.