Friday, January 20, 2006

Power Rankings 1/20/06

Okay here are the Following the Flow Power Rankings. The fighters in each class are listed in a rough ranking with comments on the side. This isn't a pure talent level ranking system as that is not the only factor in determining who gets a title shot. Drawing ability is an important part of the decision making process on who fights who.


Arlovski - I read where someone in Sherdog's forums where someone said 'Arlovski is a lion amongst retards.' Endquote. I'm not saying that is dead on...but it's close enough.

Frank Mir - As former champion Mir is the clear number one contender and he is an amazing jiu-jitsu guy. I think he ranks up there with the best in the business at this point, assuming he regains form after his accident. The win over Pete Wiliams and the one over Tank Abbott show how he can control his opponents body with his own masterfully. Think Jeremy Horn but big and strong and ultra-aggressive. (i'm boycotting the term 'uber'......yuck)

Rizzo - UFC is interested in bringing back the big names that were around at the beginning and it is a good strategy and makes this something to keep an eye out for. If it does shake out that Rizzo comes back he most likely gets a title shot to start with. Rizzo/Arlovski 2 would be something to behold. I doubt Arlovski would have any trouble getting up for that fight.

Tim Sylvia - Having lost to AA once Sylvia is just a tier below the number one contender but unless something big happens he will probably get the next title shot.

Gan McGee - I'm not sure of this guys status but I am putting him down more as a suggestion. UFC needs heavyweights, he is one.

Brandon Vera - This guy looks good. He has mentioned fighting lighter but this is the best spot I think. He's upper half in this division. Vera vs. Buentello. But if he loses to Buentello then it tarnishes the record of a young up and comer and they are like gold to the UFC right now.

Paul Buentello - I would like to see Buentello vs Sylvia in a battle of hands. He might not be number one contender quality but he's got skills

Jeff Monson - Could see action against Buentello or maybe Mir after he loses to AA.

Wesley Correira - I want to see more Cabbage. He's not on par with the division heavies but the next tier would be fine. Buentello, Vera...

Assuerio Silva- He would be fun to watch against Buentello or maybe Monson.

Tra Telligman - Telligman really won't do more than provide a test for some up and comer.

Rashad Evans - A guy that talked about going lighter. Heavier would be better.

Keith Jardine - Another guy that talked about going lighter. Heavier would be better.

Kerry Schall - Trains with Franklin so could get a call for a fight anytime. I have no idea if he's any good. Hey, i'm honest.

Brad Imes - He'll see action in the Octagon at some point. Schall would be a good matchup or Eilers...though I think they train together.

Light heavyweight

Liddell - I think Liddell keeps his belt and probably fights Babalu next with the winner of Ortiz/Shamrock on the horizon.

Couture - If Randy wins then Liddell/Couture 4 could be around the corner. Though I admit I would have to think about hanging myself. If he loses....can you say Couture vs Shamrock?! Or Ortiz.

Tito Ortiz - I hope Ortiz doesn't turn UFC into WWE. His next fight is Griffin one that he should win.

Ken Shamrock - I don't think he's going to beat Tito so look for him to face Couture with the purse being a lifetime supply of Ensure.

Renato Sobral - Babalu should get some action soon and deservedly so. He's on a streak. If he doesn't get the next title shot then maybe he squares off against...dunno...Bonnar or some other TUF guy.

Forrest Griffin - I think Griffin has a shot at beating Tito. Forrest has the better standup and if he can keep Tito up with good sprawl or good knees he can pick him apart. If not then he has an outside shot at a submission. I don't see a knockout happening at all.

Stephan Bonnar - He's too good all around and too smart not to take Irvin to the mat and submit him. Next fight? Babalu or maybe Rashad Evans. Maybe even one of the legends if they lose. And there's always Forrest.

James Irvin - Sam Hoger would be a decent fight but then again Hoger would just do the same thing Bonnar did. How about TUF fighter Keith Jardine in a standup battle?

Rashad Evans - Still waiting to see who is first test will be. Hoger would be a good choice.

Sam Hoger - I think this guy will be a title contender one day.

Travis Wiuff - Might want to think about going up to heavyweight where there is more room to breathe

Keith Jardine - Needs a ground game.


Rich Franklin - I CAN'T WAIT FOR FRANKLIN/LOISEAU. There's a chance we'll have a new champ, honest.

David Loiseau - The standup portion of Loiseau/Franklin will be beautiful.

Jeremy Horn - He's a springy python, this guy, with something of a standup game but it still it needs work. Marquardt or the loser of the title bout would be a good choice.

Nate Marquardt - I think this guy will be champ one day. I think he deserves a shot at anyone above him on this list.

Evan Tanner - Have Evan and Jeremy ever fought? Two cagey veterans with UFC Good stuff right?

Phil Baroni - If he's still fighting in UFC then he'll get some hi level fights.

Ivan Salaverry - A personal favorite. An assassin like Hoger in that he can fight anyone and have a chance. Salaverry vs Horn would be nice, or Tanner

Chris Leben - Leben is ready for a stiffer test. Salaverry?

Nate Quarry - This guy has skill despite the fact that he was so thoroughly owned by Rich Franklin.

Robbie Lawler - I'd like to see Ruthless back fighting. He's so damn quick. Lawler vs

Patrick Cote - Needs to prove himself again. Quarry maybe?

Mike Swick - Has a torn MCL so will be out a while but man I can't wait to see him fight again. Talk about fast hands.


Matt Hughes - Are you kidding me? Royce Gracie?? Wow. I'll take Hughes but damn I hate going against an underdog like Royce.

Karo Parisyan - Will Karo get the title shot again, he got injured before the fight last time and GSP is so popular. Regardless Karo needs better striking. He swings wild and lets his aggression carry him on the feet and that kind of glaring weakness will get you beat down one day.

George St. Pierre - GSP is so good everywhere. If Karo does fight Hughes then GSP should fight Penn. (damn did i call that or what! i'm taking GSP over Penn but it's hard.)

BJ Penn - Okay so if Penn loses to GSP and Gracie loses then maybe, just maybe we get Penn vs Gracie? Yeah baby!!

Diego Sanchez - Diego needs a fight against a bigger name guy too. Josh Burkman called him out but that would be in effect a step backward for Diego. Maybe he gets Parisyan who seems to be out in the cold right now.

Nick Diaz - He lost to Diego but it was close and this guy has major talent. Koscheck would be a decent fight.

Sean Sherk - I took some flak from some Sherdoggers on having Sherk too low but they were right for the most part. He's got a ton of experience but no name victories other than two wins over Karo back in 2000 & 2001. Karo must have been like 19 or something. Still Sherk is a legit fighter. Koscheck would be a good matchup, maybe Diaz or Stevenson too.

Joe Stevenson - I still want Stevenson/Sanchez but i'll take Stevenson/Burkman

Josh Koscheck - Koscheck/Stevenson would be fun to watch.

Spencer Fisher - I'm somewhat impressed with this guy. He wants to stand and strike with you but if it goes to the ground he has very good defense to wait it out until he can get a submission.

Kenny Florian - I'd like to see KenFlo against Diaz.

Josh Burkman - He's looked real impressive in his wins but then again so did Quarry.

Drew Fickett - I flat out don't like this guy. Good job Burkman!

Luke Cummo - I want Cummo versus Florian. Wouldn't mind seeing him whip up on Fickett either.

Duane Ludwig - Dude knocked Goulet the f*** out! Him against Cummo would be a great fight.

Kit Cope - Work on that ground game man. Cope vs Cummo could be something to see.

Joe Riggs - Just keeps losing. Someone throw this guy a can!

Melvin Guillard - I hope he sticks around the UFC until he can improve, he's got amazing potential.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Post Fight UFN 1/16/06 part 1

Well there were some pretty swell fights. I say that but i'm a whore for UFC, any fight is a good one. Well except half of the ones from last season of TUF. Anyway...

Sylvia vs Silva was disappointing. Man I don't know what Silva's (from here on out to be known as Ass.) strategy was but it sucked. He should have been working the leg kicks. Big men are susceptible to leg kicks and once that leg is purple you shoot and they just don't have the mobility to sprawl as well. A damn shame too because Ass. looked like he knew how to kick. Oh well maybe he'll do better against lesser competition and give some good fights but he'll need some real wins to even look like a contender. I know Arlovski was sitting there thinking how much he owned either of these guys.

A serious "WOW" to 'Bang' Ludwig......that knockout was amazing and did you see that faceplant by Goulet? I feel for the French guy though I hope he gets some more action in UFC.

Monday, January 09, 2006

UFC 58 3/4/06

To my knowledge only the first two have been announced by the UFC.

David Loiseau vs. Rich Franklin
A much deserved title shot for The Crow. I want to see this one so bad, I mean right now. Loiseau is an exciting and unorthodox striker with good defense on the ground and some ground and pound. Mainly his elbow which is absolutely deadly. I remember watching replays of one fight ( I can't remember who the opponent was) and I knew the elbow was coming and still it had connected by the time I could say 'there it is'. If he gets the mount....well, don't blink that's all i'm saying. I'm hard pressed to chose the winner in this one as they are both so good but I think Franklin is just a little better overall so my money would be on him.

GSP vs. BJ Penn
The winner of this gets Matt Hughes....oh joy! Penn is an amazing ground guy and he'll look to take it there as soon as Big John says to 'get it on!'. GSP is probably the best all around fighter in the class and hell maybe in the UFC, period. He has lost to Hughes once already though and Penn beat the champ......and on the ground no less. GSP will try to keep this on the feet as long as possible but he won't let himself become vulnerable to do it. He's training in BJJ with the Gracie's to bone up as we speak. Well maybe he's eating dinner right now but you get my meaning. I'm taking GSP on the strength of his all around game, especially the striking which Penn will have to get past if he wants to do his thing.

Jonathan Goulet vs Diego Sanchez
I know absolutely nothing about Goulet but I am taking Sanchez. Surprised aren't you? Diego is a grappling wizard with great takedowns and submissions and is aggressive as hell. We'll see if Goulet can handle that.

Sam Stout vs Kenny Florian
Another Canadian I know nothing about and so is getting the short end of the stick. Florian by submission but he might take a beating before he gets it.

Kristof Midoux vs Tom Murphy
Don't get me started on Murphy. I think that fighters that don't even try to fight should be dealth with similar to a horse that can't race. I only know Midoux by name but i'm taking him.....and I hope it's by ground and pound knockout and since Midoux is BJJ and Murphy a wrestler it could very well be.

In all it looks to be a dynamite show if this is how it turns out. Regardless of the rest the top two bouts make it a must see. I wonder if Matt Hughes will get the winner of the GSP/Penn bout or if he'll fight Parisyan first. I think that Parisyan shouldn't lose his supposed #1 contender status just because he couldn't go at the time of the scheduled fight with Hughes at the last UFC. That being said GSP and Penn are both better fighters at this point. Karo needs to work on his striking in my opinion but I do really want to see how he can counter a Hughes takedown with his own throws. And we might even see Matt standup for a bit with someone who's striking is somewhat vulnerable.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Ultimate Fight Night- Live (1/16/2006)

The lineup for this event has been announced so I thought I would chime in with my own thoughts and predictions. I'm just happy to have more UFC to talk about and I can't wait to see the fights. That big 3 hour New Year's show on Spike only got me hungry for more.

Tim Sylvia vs. Assuerio Silva
I haven't seen any Silva fights but from what I have gathered he's a BJJ guy but with good striking. He's listed at 5'9 or 5'11 depending on the source so either way he's going to have to contend with Tim's reach advantage. Sylvia might actually be punching at a downward angle for Silva. The flip side is the size advantage should help Silva should he attempt the takedown. Even without the curse that seems to follow Pride guys coming into UFC I have to take Sylvia. He'll have knuckles and knees waiting for takedown attempts and will pick the shorter guy apart on the stand up.

Bonnar vs. Irvin
This could be interesting as Irvin's strengths...his power and athleticism...are two weakness of Bonnar's. I would say just about everything else goes Bonnar. Except possibly aggression and conditioning and they could be the key. Better technique, both standing and on the mat, and toughness would seem to be in Bonnar's favor. I take Bonnar.

Guillard vs. Torres
Guillard wins despite the size disadvantage. I think he is strong enough to give Torres a hard time on the ground and can end the fight quick with a punch.

Fisher vs. Riley
Fisher's coming out party.

Burkman vs. Fickett
Fickett has more experience but Burkman I think has showed more ability. The bald guy is strong, tough and aggressive. Fickett has skills but might be in for a shock in this. Granted Burkman is largely unknown but Fickett is known and has only that half-lucky win over Koscheck.

Leben vs. Rivera
I don't know Rivera from nobody but I am taking Leben. He's ferocious, trains with tough guys and seems to be expanding his skillset.

Karalexis vs. Von Flue
Tough one. I'm taking Karalexis but Von Flue seems to have an ability to find ways to get by. That awkward punching of his could do some damage given the reach advantage but I think Karalexis wins with a ground and pound.

Goulet vs. Ludwig
What is that crap on Goulet's head in his UFC pic? No, seriously. WTF is that? There's a link over here somewhere just search for his name under fighters. --------------->