Sunday, April 16, 2006

Power Rankings 4/16/06

Okay here are the Following the Flow Power Rankings. The fighters in each class are listed in a rough ranking with comments on the side. This isn't a pure talent level ranking system as that is not the only factor in determining who gets a title shot. Drawing ability is an important part of the decision making process on who fights who.


Tim Sylvia - Tim gets another chance to take back a belt that he once had. I don't see it happening to be honest but I suppose there is a chance. What a Surprise that fight was, wow. Well we have a new champ and a 3rd match between these guys is assured. Next up for Sylvia will probably be Monson who seems like the only viable contender at this point. At least until Mir can get a little win streak under his belt and we see Sylvia/Mir 2.

Arlovski - Arlovski smelled blood and went in for the kill and Sylvia caught him. It's called killer instinct not being reckless Joe Rogan you hatorade sipping pansy. So who will Arlovski fight on his way back to Sylvia? Assuerio Silva would be my guess. Though the results of UFC 59 were a suprise things really couldn't have worked out better for the UFC. With Monson winning you get the next title contender. Andrei having to fight back to his belt will create more fights with the same pool of talent.

Jeff Monson - Hell he might get a title shot if the UFC doesn't come up with some better talent. Monson/Sylvia could be a good fight.

Paul Buentello - I think we'll see the Headhunter against Sylvia or Mir pretty soon. Personally I think Sylvia would be the better fight. Lots of hands but that reach would be hard to deal with. Ass. Silva would be another nice fight. Or maybe Vera.

Marcio Cruz - Cruz looked alright despite losing to Monson. Who next for Cruz?

Frank Mir - A crushing loss to an fellow grappler will knock Mir down a peg or two. Both in ego and in these rankings.

Assuerio Silva - A poor debut puts this guy below any other legit contenders but he is still better than 90% of the other heavyweights that the UFC can muster. Rumored to be fighting Vera next that could be a good one.

Brandon Vera - He's more suited for LHW but with the dearth of talent in this division he's a player. It will be interseting to see if he can beat Silva

Tom Murphy - With the dearth of contenders here Murphy might just have an opportunity at some big time names.

Brad Imes - Lost to Cristison

Dan Cristison - Beat Imes but doesn't have the name that Brad does.

Light heavyweight

Chuck Liddell - Liddell vs Sobral at UFC 61 i'm guessing.

Renato Sobral - Babalu deserves the next title shot and i'd like to see that rematch. Sobral isn't the same kid he was when he lost the first time. If Griffin wins it will be interesting to see who fights Liddel. I would hope Renato would get the shot. Rumor has it he's fighting Marvin Eastman next. Wha?! Shonie Carter wasn't available? Jeez. Deserves a title shot gets a can. S'okay Renato we know you're the man.

Tito Ortiz - The first round was vintage Tito. His boxing looked okay he had some nice counterpunches. Either his knee really, really went out or he threw that fight. How do you throw a fight you won? You make the UFC poster boy look really good, like he gained something in defeat. Which he did. I don't know that fight was just odd to look at, very odd.

Ken Shamrock - I don't think he's going to beat Tito so look for him to face someone like Babalu or one of the TUF guys, if he doesn't retire like Randy.

Forrest Griffin - Okay so we hear that Forrest is working the standup in preparation for this fight but did anyone think it looked any better? I sure as hell didn't it. Maybe that was just a way of saying he's been working on his sprawl. Griffin, like he said, can go toe to toe with just about anyone and make it a fight. Well maybe I added the just about because lets be real Chuck would put him down in short order.

Stephan Bonnar - Bonnar won a very, very close decision to Jardine but to be honest I would have called it for Keith. Bonnar did not look very impressive at all but then his ground game is probably his biggest asset right now and he didn't use it. Who next for Bonnar? Griffin I suppose since neither really has any other logical choice at this point.

Alessio Sakara - I'm not sure where to put this guy but I am intrigued and want to see more. Looks like he'll be fighting Dean Lister soon which means we'll see more of his groundgame and sprawl. If they're there this guy could go far.

Rashad Evans - He beat Hoger but it wasn't a great win by any means so who next for Evans? Maybe a rematch with Jardine?

Keith Jardine - I hope Jardine found a ground game or else Bonnar will submit him if things get rough in the striking game.

Sam Hoger - He looked pretty good in his loss to Evans.


Rich Franklin - Marquardt will be next barring something bizarre or someone being brought it in and that should be a good fight. I wonder if it will happen this year though with all of Franklin's injuries.

Nate Marquardt - I suspect that this will be the next contender for Franklin's title. His hands might not be a quick as Loiseau's but maybe a little heavier. He's got a few KOs on his record but 2 are with knees. Being a black belt in jiu-jitsu and training Muay Thai for years (according to an interview) I think Marquardt's all around game is better than the Crow so this could be a dangerous fight for Franklin.

David Loiseau - Loiseau gets bumped down a little after losing to the champ but he showed a lot fo toughness and heart and drew out Franklin's first decision win so he doesn't fall far. I see Loiseau/Marquardt looming large in the future and I can't wait. Chris Leben would be another good choice for a fight.

Evan Tanner - Tanner looked impressive in his win but

Jeremy Horn - I am still bummed that Horn/Tanner didn't happen. Grrrrrr.

Chris Leben - Leben didn't look all that impressive in his win over Luigi. Is it possible that Leben just wanted to prove that he can go in and dominate a fight for three rounds and win a decision? That's what it looked like to me.

Mike Swick - I think Swick will beat Riggs.

Joe Riggs - Riggs and Swick are going to throw down and that will be a good one to watch.

Nate Quarry - I'd like to see Quarry back in the octagon. He fell quite a bit in my rankings but he never was a true top contender so I guess that is what happens. Doerksen would be good or one of the two veterans, Tanner and Horn. Okay maybe someone else for starters. Swick? Prangley?

Dave Terrell - Pretty much owned Scott Smith so expect to see more of him. He's be a nice matchup with Quarry.

Chael Sonnen - Got revenge on Prangley, good job. Chael keeps getting shots in the UFC so he'll probably stick around.

Trevor Prangley - Lost to Chael Sonnen, ouch. Too bad because I think he was on the fastrack to contendership by UFC.

Scott Smith - I wonder if he signed a three fight deal?


Matt Hughes - I think Hughes will pound out Gracie in short order but Gracie is no stranger to being the underdog.

George St. Pierre - GSP will get his title shot soon and oh what a fight that will be. His confidence has to be soaring after beating BJ.

Carlos Newton - Rumor has it...okay I guess Newton said it...that he's coming back against a TBD opponent. Penn or Diaz maybe? I'd love to see Newton and Penn go at it.

Karo Parisyan - God it's me again...please tell me Karo has been working some standup... God you! Karo owned the Goat and his hands looked much, much improved. He whiffed the first one but from then on they were on target and you could hear the slap. With this newfound striking that makes him somewhat dangerous standing but even more dangerous on the ground which he showed against Thompson. Karo looked really improved and would be a big threat to guys like GSP and Penn.

BJ Penn - What now for the former champ? A drop down to lightweight or a shot at Parisyan? Maybe a shot at Gracie if & when he loses to Hughes?

Diego Sanchez - Diego should be about ready for another fight....Penn or Newton?

Josh Koscheck - Beat Chalangov quickly so what's next for Koscheck? Maybe Diaz or Burkman or a rematch with Sanchez? Hopefully not Sanchez because I don't see Koscheck beating him yet.

Josh Burkman - Tough loss to Fitch.

Nick Diaz - That fight with Sherk was great, maybe a fight of the year contender. It may not have been as explosive as many but the technique in it was fabulous. Diaz always impresses me with his technique, whether boxing or grappling. The kid's game is just beautiful to watch. If only he'd keep his mouth shut and do the thing. He seemed to show class with Sherk at the end of the fight but no telling what happened after the decision was announced. Diaz has lost several tough, close decisions. Maybe you can fault him for not finishing them but that just seems picky when you see a young guy with the all around skills that Diaz has. He'll be champ one day mark my words.

Josh Neer - Looked good beating Stevenson and his starting to make a name for himself.

Joe Stevenson - Joe showed a lot of submissions but got beaten by Neer.

Drew Fickett - I flat out don't like this guy.

Kit Cope - Work on that ground game man. If he gets another shot I think Diaz (if he isn't kicked from the UFC) would be interesting. Wait wait wait....Joe Riggs in a standup war! Yeah baby!

Melvin Guillard - I hope he sticks around the UFC until he can improve, he's got amazing potential. I saw his fight against Josh Neer and he was lighting up Neer. He looked powerful and quick...which is a nice combination to have.

Thiago Alves - A good striker who got caught by Spencer Fisher but was holding his own until then. I'd like to see him against Guillard or Cummo.


Mark Hominick - A win over one-time champ Edwards puts him right here. But will Pulver come back?

Yves Edwards - Edwards was shocked by Hominick so maybe his next fight is Stout? Take it out on another Canadian eh?

Sean Sherk - Sherk looked pretty damn good against Diaz. His handspeed was excellent on the standup and he looked pretty comfortable. At 155 he will be devastating.

Sam Stout - Right about here I would think. I think he would lose to Stevenson so Edwards would be a better matchup.

Spencer Fisher - He lost but he took the fight on ultra short notice and had to cut a lot of weight so he doesn't drop much. That and there aren't really any proven guys behind him.

Kenny Florian - I guess he kind of stays still after not fighting.

Duane Ludwig - Ludwig against Edwards would be a nice fight.

Luke Cummo - I want to see Cummo fighting and soon! Him and Ludwig would be a nice fight or maybe Fisher. He's set to fight Jason Von Flue which should be good. Jason is the underestimated guy who just keep winning. I think Cummo gets him though, he's just too focussed and too dedicated.

Melvin Guilliard - Not sure if this is do-able or not but it could allow him some breathing room for away from the welterweights but then again with so many people coming down here maybe he'd be better at 170.