Monday, September 17, 2007

Looking down the road

Well it's September, a busy month for MMA fans, and we here at Following the Flow are loving it! We just attended the Real Fighting Championships in Tampa and the champ, Edson Berto put on another dominant performance. But we'll get more into that later.

In the UFC we've had several interesting happenings. Rampage Jackson managed to outlast an elite fighter in Dan Henderson. I personally loved the fact that they both came out swinging. No Diego vs Koscheck feeling out, pussy-footing around. For Chuck Liddell fans this is bad news though because as long as Jackson holds the belt Chuck will only be able to stand at the screen door drooling. Then again if the Iceman does finally get to fight Wanderlei Silva and manages to beat him....well what better credential is there for another title shot? Okay, yeah maybe beating Shogun too, which probably would have to happen or some similar feat.

Roger Huerta continues to impress, wait no, amaze. It's hard to say who his next fight will be with Sherk still suspended and the title picture thus rendered hazy. I'd love to see BJ against Huerta but it might be too soon. Again, it all depends on what shakes out with the current champion. Clay Guida has a bad habit of making fantastic fights so he and Huerta would be simply explosive. Stevenson seems like he was primed in his last fight, a nice one against Kurt Pellegrino, to get a title shot. He's still very suspect on his feet though. I really thought that Pellegrino was the more impressive all-around fighter.

So with Sherk out does that mean Stevenson fights the number one contender, Penn? Or do we finally see another Pride fighter make his UFC debut. Could we see Takanori Gomi, the reigning Pride lightweight champion, get a shot at avenging a loss to BJ Penn? Wouldn't that be one hell of a fight.

Sorry to run off but I have stuff to do. More later, I promise.

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